Payment in full is due on all blocks the day of the first session before load in. Effective January 1st 2011, we can no longer accept checks. We accept cash, or credit card payments. Credit card payments need to be processed 72 hours prior to the session. If you will be paying by credit card we will email you a Paypal invoice 72 hours prior to your session in order to ensure the payment goes through.

Studio time will be charged for recording and mixing. At this time we do not charge for load in or set up (provided you arrive no more than 15 minutes late for your session). We currently master all projects recorded at SDP Studio at no charge. On all sessions over 6 hours you can stop the clock for up to one hour for lunch.

File Storage

Although itís not required, purchasing your own hard drive may be worthwhile. This is especially true if you will want to retain your individual tracks in the event you ever decide to re-record some of the tracks, or remix them in the future. EBay has hard drives for the recorder that we use for under $100.00; if you decide to do this I will help you select the proper hard drive.

Effective March 1st 2011, we will begin charging a storage fee of $5 per song for any projects that go 30 days without forward progress. In order to avoid this fee, we will ask that our clients commit at least 10 hours per month to completing their project. This does not apply to clients with their own hard drives, and it doesnít mean that every song has to be worked on in a 30 day period, only that the project itself has some forward momentum. We currently have dozens of songs that havenít been worked on in a year or more, and we need to get these finished up in order to have room for new sessions.

For those clients who use our hard drives, we will retain your files for 30 days after you receive your final master. If after 30 days you havenít contacted us to schedule a session to re-record or remix any song on your project, your individual tracks will be deleted.


Minimum Time for Sessions

Effective January 1st 2011, we will begin requiring a $100 minimum to book the studio. For those paying hourly, this means that there will be a 2 hour minimum. For those who purchased a 10, 20, or 30 hour block the minimum time you can schedule a session is 4 hours.



Effective January 1st 2011, the following cancellation policy is in effect. Any session cancelled for any reason with less than 24 hours notice will result in a $50 cancellation fee, due in full before a new session can be scheduled. In the event we are not notified of the cancellation at all, and arrive to a no-show, the 4 hour minimum is in effect and will be deducted from your balance of studio time remaining on your block, For those paying hourly, a no-notice cancellation fee of $100 will be collected before a new session will be scheduled.

This policy cuts both ways. If for any reason we cancel your session with less than 24 hours notice we will credit you with $50 in studio time. If we ever fail to show up for a session, your account will be credited 4 hours for those who purchased a block, or $100 for those paying hourly.