Music Production, Beat Production, and Voiceover

Studio Rates are as follows for tracking, overdubs, and mixing:

1-9 Hours: $30 per hour. Please note that there is a 4 hour minimum on all sessions booked.

10 Hr Block: $250.00 ($25.00 per hour)

20 Hr Block: $400.00 ($20.00 per hour)

All blocks must be paid in full on the date of your first session before load in. Blocks do not need to be used in one session; they may be split up over 2 or more sessions (the 4 hour minimum applies). All studio hours for a block must be used within 30 days of the first session or the remainder of time is forfeited.

Studio time is not used for load in and set up, the clock doesn't start running until recording begins. On all sessions over 5 hours the clock can be stopped for a lunch break. If you wish to take a CD home after the session studio time does apply to burning the CD. There is no charge for the 1st disc, but copies are $3.00 each.


Karaoke Sessions

Karaoke Sessions are billed at a flat rate of $25 per song. We do not stock Karaoke music; the artist must bring in their own CD with backing tracks. We don't have a monitor to display the lyrics, so you must know the lyrics or bring them with you. A four song minimum is required to book a karaoke session, and you will be given 2 takes and the best of the 2 will be used. If you prefer more takes and/or fuller production, normal hourly rates will apply.


Audio or Video Transfer

We offer basic transfer services to include transferring vinyl records or cassette tapes to CD, VHS tape to DVD or vice versa. These sessions are subject to a $100 minimum fee, and are billed at 50 cents per minute of program material. For example, a two hour VHS tape transferred to DVD will cost $60.00.


Basic Mastering

We provide free basic mastering for all songs recorded at SDP Studio. This applies only once, in the event that we master a song and you later decide you want to remix or add something later, free mastering does not apply. We provide basic mastering on songs recorded elsewhere for $25 per song. Basic Mastering applies to either a mono or stereo 2 track file provided on CD. Multiband compression and EQ are applied to improve the clarity and punch of the music, waveform editing to tighten up start and stop times is applied, and the master CD is burned with the songs in their proper order.


Advanced Mastering (Stems Method)

Stems Mastering was developed by John Vestman of John Vestman Mastering services in Los Angeles, and we are now offering this service.. This process is much more time consuming than basic mastering. Rather than mastering the entire song, separations are made and elements of the song are mastered individually. A typical example would be where the drums along with their effects are recorded to CD as a stereo file (without any of the other elements of the song). The drums could then be mastered individually, with effects and compression specifically tailored to enhancing drums. All Guitars would be isolated into a stereo file and handled in the same way, and then keys, vocals and harmonies, and bass. Each "stem" is processed by itself, and then the pieces are put back together in the song. The result is a noticeable improvement in sonic quality.

The rate for this service is $75.00 per song on all music recorded at SDP Studio, and $125.00 per song on music recorded somewhere else. For sessions recorded elsewhere, please make sure the engineer understands stems mastering, and knows how to deliver the separations in 44.1 KHz 16 Bit wave files.


Drum Replacement

Drum Replacement can dramatically improve the sound of your song by replacing individual drums that may not have a good natural sound due to having old heads or being improperly tuned. Using software we can replace any drum that detracts from the song with an actual wave file of a professionally tuned and recorded drum. The cost for drum replacement is $10.00 per drum per song. If you wish to replace the kick drum on 5 songs, the total cost would be $50.00.